First Gears of War 2 Gameplay trailer

Well this is one of the big ones coming this year on x360 and it looks way better than the first one just look at how many onscreen enemies there is looks very fast paced and with new weapons and abilities definitely a must buy, I just hope they fix the multiplayer because its fun as hell.

[COLOR=Red]think you got carried away there[/COLOR]

wow… awesomeness.

That looks gooood

First time I got censored. I feel tingly.


I’m quite excited about Gears of War 2 after enjoying the original so much.

Looks impressive - though my 360 took a dump - and I’ve been strictly playing the Wii as of late … I need to get a new 360 … :frowning:

Well they do have a 3 year warranty I’ve already sent 2 x360 got them rather quick and got new versions with the benq drive and extra heatsinks :fab: :love: :evil:

Does the warranty still work if I received it from Ebay?

If it has the MS quality seal underneath the faceplate yes you are covered some people have said they have sent without the seal and they still repair but I cannot say if this is true or not, as long as the x360 has not been banned from xbl you have warranty no matter where you buy it from :fab: