First pretty sure I will get it wrong!

Hi People.
I would like to throw myself to the lions and submit my site for your opinions.

I am 40 years old and have been working in web design for the last three years… finally starting to make some cash!!!

The site is to reflect my work so far and to highlight the fact that I do things a bit differently through lack of knowledge as opposed to trying to be smart!

I have realised that for me to play ‘catch-up’ with the younger, more educated teams is a ‘no-hoper’ so therefore I am merrily moving down my own ‘oblivious path!’

Anyway people hope you like it and If not…I have a large bottle of Jack Daniels to drown my sorrows with! (any excuse:puzzle: )


Ray McClimon (Cozmek Design).

you know what…I like it. It is definately different. And age is not a matter. If I could make one comment is some of the text like when you click the fairies and they fly off and reveal a website you have done. I think you should dress up that a little bit…Some of the animation is choppy. But overall I say it is good since it is unique which is very hard to get these days…gj man.

bookmarked it!!

the site is great because its original :slight_smile:

great site, very original and strange…