First site

my first site just asking for advice, comments and constructive criticism

So far the design is good, I do agree with everyone about the dreamweaver & pop ups. In ur menu system, its hard for me to scroll to the left/right on the arrows, you may want to put an invisible layer over the button so its easier for the user to scroll, try looking at the infinite menu tutorial on Kirupa, that might help you and if u want the images to stop on rollover, i have a script for that, just let me know if ur interested in that! [email protected]

nice work though

Yep quite nice for your first site! Keep up the good work. I pretty much agree with what the others have said so I won’t repeat it ;).

Definitely very good for a first website… its very creative.

your background repeats

thanks everyone really appreciated taking the comments into account cos im designing a new site with a flash and non flash sections ill give you a shout when its done and need some more advice, thanks again