First stages of a website

Hey guys!

Sorry for not keeping in touch with this cool community, but this year has been a very busy one for me, and it’s only now that I have some actual time on my hands :smiley:

Having said that, I’ve decided to start work on what will eventually turn out to be an online portfolio.

I layed down some lines, went for a cleaner design, simplistic, even, but what I can tell you is that the bar at the top of the page will hold a menu, and that the content will go down below (doh)

My problem is that I can’t really decide on 5 colors (my site will be composed of 5 sections, and I thought it would be cool if between these sections, the background’s color would change. Also, the backgrounds are going to be gradients, but I still need to figure out the base colors)

So…Please guys, help me out with picking some colors. You can either e-mail me (as the text on the website instructs ^^), but I think it would be far more easier for you guys to post the colors you like / dislike here.

Thanks a lot for reading this, and for eventual help!
(sorry for the .home domain, I don’t have money for a domain right now ^^)