First time on google

Hey guys, I don’t post around here often, but I think I really should, so here goes:

Do you guys remember your first time using google?

I actually heard about it from some people, but I thought it was a stupid name and not as cool as Yahoo!. I gave it a shot one day and instantly fell in :love: with the simplicity of the site.

I haven’t used any other search engine since =)

– kath

I don’t recall when I started using google. The site just grew on me like some sort of alien pod implanted in my brain :stuck_out_tongue:

same here… I used to use yahoo a lot (powered by google anyway) :stuck_out_tongue:

What is this google you speak of? lol

No I don’t remember the first time I used google but I do remember the first time I ever used the internet. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to just search Canadian pages. lol

Oooh, good question. :slight_smile: I remember it well.

I had just learned what a googol (and a googolplex) was. And I was trying to explain it to my friend, who is very math-illiterate. He thought a 1 with a hundred 0s on the end was still a 1. :sigh:

Anyway, the next day (I think) I was on the internet, and I wanted to learn more about these googol thingies, because I’m a mathie that way and all, but I forgot that googol is spelled with an o, and thought it was spelled google. Also, at the time, I only really used Yahoo! as a search engine, but I hated it so much that I always tried <keyword>.com and <keyword>.ca and <keyword>.<every extension I could think of>

And that is how I first got to google. :beam:

haha, it’s my homepage.


hmm i think i found out i was on google after i found out there are 7,170 hits for me.:stuck_out_tongue:

I always used dogpile and vivisimo and stuff, but then they were using it at school and it just sort of grew on me.

same here :wink:

I used MSN search for the longest time until I ran into Google and have used it every since!


I can’t use any other search engines now. MSN search is totally crap in comparison.

I can’t stand any other search engines as well because of all the stuff in the way. Google is so simple and elegant.

it was back in the day - i remember hearing about it from a friend and I thought it was a cool name -(the math related deal googolplex) so i tried it, and instantly found what i needed and have been using it ever since.

I used altavista in the beginning. And then a danish one called jubii (the name’s a blatant rip-off of yahoo). Then jubii started to add annoying ads so I started to use google more and more. Haven’t used jubii for years now.

When I need a dictionary search I use Yahoo!

There are other search engines? :h:

I remembered i used to use yahoolagins at school (the little kid search engine) and then we “upgraded” to Yahoo! in middle school. Then my dad started to use Dogpile and Alta-Vista (before it became full of warez sites) so i used those. Then with IE i would just type it in the little address box and use MSN wich i thought was great. Then i got the Google tool bar and the rest is history :smiley:

There are other search engines?

yes there are, but they use either the google systhem or are used by less than 15 people a day

:sarcasm: :wink:

yep, i already thought something like that - but thanks for the hint :wink: