First use of VMWare!

So… I felt like having some fun!

I downloaded VMWare and got a windows 2000 pro disk i made a new virtual PC and it installed:


it installed fine no errors or bugs or even any warnings!

it finished setup… quicker than formating a new hdd! :slight_smile:

here is is! Win 2k in its boot-up


I will post how win 2k3 goes!

vmware is wicked, i use it at work, specially when i am trying to learn stuff. It is easy to use, quick, efficient.

however I have not had any luck with vista on it, it just gets stuck, everytime on the setup, however Virtual PC works fine with it. Thats my only gripe.

Lovely piece of software, I have 2000, XP, and 2003 installed on it. :slight_smile:

what would be the use of having multiple windows os’es anyway?:lol:
might as well try it out though. vista:D

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I guess its usefull for testing but try something like a linux distro.

So… My windows 2003 setup went Perfectly… No hardware problems now to install onto my laptop… but… The drivers for my laptop only work for ME, 2000 and XP? Which shall i use?


Ubuntu is not what i need… I want a Windows All round house :wink:

ummm.gabi_cavaller, i suggest you modify your post there or get banned real quick;)

coughUbuntu/any Linux distro + XEN (paravirtuallization pwns virtualization)cough

[QUOTE=hybrid101;1984914]ummm.gabi_cavaller, i suggest you modify your post there or get banned real quick;)[/QUOTE]
Quoi est mal? :d:


I was merely inquiring as to the purpose of you posting such a message directed towards the afforementioned member, when in fact I do not see anything worth such scrutiny in the message that he himself posted on in this particular thread, let alone grounds for a temporary or permanent ban from accessing the forums.


It was not bad.

Some people are a bit full on… :to:

Did my post get deleted? If so, I would like to let it be known that Windows can be run in XEN. :wink: