First Wallpaper Ever

The only two things I can see are:

The bright spots tend to overwhelm a little - perhaps if you could find a way to subdue them - almost give them that “looking through a dimly lit frosted glass” lighting feel (dont apply a glass texture or anything…just the lighting…think of the lighting)

And, the text seems to kind of hide behind the brightness, if you could find a way to bring it out, or perhaps bring some of the “glow” to the text -
for example - take your text, select it to where each letter is outlined, then use that selection on the background, and copy a cutout of that background -
then paste it and you should have a layer of text that was cut out of the background -

then apply a radial blur (zoom style - low strength) then place that layer behind your original text layer - i dont know if it would look right - thats my like 2 second version of trying to get what i see in my head.

anyways bro - like i said before, looks really nice.

Which brush set(s) from 8nero did you use?

that really reminds me of something, but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s really frustrating me so if anyone knows then please share, I think it’s an album cover.

Haha:) That is like the deepest thing I’ve ever heard! You should be a poet or something. You’ve probably chanched my life ethan:lol: