First Wallpaper Ever

So I this was my first wallpaper creation and first ever attempt with brushes and a grunge sort of look. I ended up choosing some other images and it sort of turned out dark, but with a little hope. Sort of like life…


or when you miss it…

that rocks, my only complaint is it’s way to small for my desktop :frowning:

Sorry. I started with 1024 and i can’t go any bigger without totally distorting everything.

very nice

thanks PR. Any areas I can improve on?

well the type is kind of blurry, or is that the background messing up my eyes? other than that, i love the colors and concept.

werd. There is a clear layer with the font on it, but there is also a duplicated layer right behind it that is blurred a little. When it had no blur at all for the text it cut through the image too much.

It looks very nice:) I’m not sure if i want such a… well, negative statement on my wallpaper though:) My current wallpaper states: Yesterday I killed all my 8 friends with an orange and some milk. So my next one will be something happy. Like “look at all my puppies, they are going to be happy - happy - happy 4 EVER!!!”

its nice… but im not sure if i like it or not…
anyway nice work


Nice job dude! Word of advice, always make your wallpapers on a 1600x1200 canvas.:wink:

I like it, but the blurriness (is that a word? ) it too much for something u see every minute, know what I mean? It hurts the eyes if u keep watching it :P, but I like it overall, especially the metal texture

It is actually a very positive statement. It reminds you that Tomorrow doesn’t exist. It is always today. Today is you last chance to tell that girl how you feel about her. Do that thing that scares you. Be who you’ve always wanted to be. It’s a reminder that life is fragile and can be taken away so make sure you use it today, because tomorrow we die.

Yeah I know, I know. I didn’t set out to make a wallpaper was just messing around and then it turned out ok.

The blurring was tough. I think I did it because of lack of experience. Things weren’t blending right and so I went the easy way and blurrred them a little. I do like the overall sort of blurred, unsureness of the finished piece but I understand about it being hard to look at 24x7.

Wow… hard to Imagin that this is your first.! But okay :stuck_out_tongue: Nicely done…

But When I look at it too long my eye;s start to hurt… Something with the blurly… and Colours and I’m sitting here in the dark must be getting to me…


Well it’s my first wallpaper ever, not the first time I’ve ever opened photoshop. :wink:

And I guess it is a little hard on the eyes, but I like looking at it. Maybe I’m like one of those parents who can’t accept I have an ugly baby…

I like and it has now taken pride of place on my desktop over this little piece:

I think this was the second ever thing I made in photoshop that I saved.

For some reason that picture creeps me out. Like that little girl is going to turn around and have no face or something… can’t look anymore.

Cool. Actualy it is kinda creepy isn’t it. THe photography is obviously very skilled. I got it of, lots of exceptionally good photography there.

Yes the “metal effect” is actually from two images from StockExchange. One being a beach at sunset which is giving that tranistion of color from orange to blue and another of swampy trees which is adding in the dark spots.

I see that you got that grunge brush from 8nero ;). I think you should just turn down the opacity of them a little.

But other than that the blue color and that font is great ;).

Yeah I went and downloaded them all and started trying to use them. You can create some pretty easy, cool effects with the right brushes.