Fix this

anyone know how to fix this sql error
SQL-query : [Edit]

INSERT INTO ibf_categories (id, position, state, name, description, image, url) VALUES (-1, NULL, NULL, ‘-’, NULL, NULL, NULL)

MySQL said:

Duplicate entry ‘-1’ for key 1

How/why to you want to set the id to -1?
What are these fields properties, auto-increment, etc?
Should start at 0…what do you want to do here?
If you want to remove stuff, use either drop to get rid of the table, or at least select by ID and then overwrite, but not MINUS 1!?

yes mysql will read those as a duplicate unless the field is setup as nvarchar or something like that. But yes why would you want a negative 1 as a prim key. Unless that is a valid value like from a form or something and you atre using it as a prim key. But if it is auto increment…then no need for -1

How did you do your footer? I could use a effect like that. shoot me a tut or something.

All you need and more at
, one of my favorite script sites, the guy is too good.
check quicksilver, egoflag, repel…all of’em… :slight_smile:

Are ou very good with PHP / mySQL ? could need a hand on something…