[fl8 as2] thought I'd put this out one more time- no one ansrd it yet

I know I have to have a serverside script to interact with a sql database efficiently… but here’s my question:

I prefer (of course) the user interface I can achieve with flash to anything I could do in php… so here’s an overall idea of what I had in mind- user with the flash interface, flash interface sends vars to a php script which has the sql commands, php accesses the db and retrieves the data and then delivers it to flash, then flash displays it for the user… will this work fast and efficiently in flash? or would it be slow and annoying? in which case I would cut flash out of the loop and just have the page be designed in php so that the user interfaces with the php directly…

I really hope the answer is NOT to do the page in php, lol my brain is already about to pop with everything I’ve learned/am learning in flash, photoshop, xml, sql, html, dreamweaver, rss, etc lol :slight_smile:

any input?