FLA autopsy

I’m wondering if there is any place where you can download entire site to take a look at how they are constructed. I think this would be a great way to learn and see how different designers create and finish their projects.

Any leads?


you try like templatemonster.com or something.


you need an swf decompiler, there’s a free one that I can’t seem to remember the name of right now, but gernerally it’s considered bad to look at somebody’s fla because so many people start to rip from them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it’s more curiousity then anything. Would never consider ripping off a site. Just wonder about the construction and learning from it.

SWF Decom is only…to decompile the swf. It doesn’t give you the .fla.

Decompiling an .fla is seriously illegal unless the person allows the .fla for free. If you decompile an .fla of someone like 2A and just use it to “learn”, that’s extremly stupid and you can’t call yourself a designer.

But templates are the only thing you can do. Buy it and the license is yours to do what you want :).

Why is this in showcase & critiques :crazy:?

really???.. I didn’t know that…

seriously :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes really, I hate when people illegally get an .fla and use it to “only learn not to rip”. You’re practically crushing their work by finding out their secrets and techs and whatnot.

It’s all up to what you call yourself though. If you have enough desire to learn the hard way, you get much more respect that learning the easy way, at least from me you do ;).

Sharif, you just made that up. It’s not illegal so long as you don’t release anything about it etc. It’s perfectly fine to learn from swfs. Just don’t rip them. It’s not like there are “secrets” it’s the same language… same functions that everyone can use…

Well I thought it was illegal to take other peoples work. I guess as long as you don’t use them commercially (forgot to add that).

But yea you’re right, functions are more the word. I still think it should be illegal to touch other peoples .fla…

Not that Ive ever decomplied an swf or ripped off someones fla, but without Open Source I would not know 25% of the stuff I know now. Id try Flashkit.com and just look at the flas there. I dont think there are any 100% completed sites available as an fla, but there are some navigational ideas floating around.

oh, then I guess I was right before sharif tried to trick me :stuck_out_tongue:

No all I was saying is I agree with you that it’s bad to look at .flas even to just learn. It’s just wrong to do that. Like I said, learn the hard way.

And yes I was trying to trick you :bad:.



Why would it be bad to look at flas to learn? It’s actually a really good learning tool.

I guess it is a good learning tool. Definetly helps you learn.

I’m just more of the guy who likes to find out for myself after experimenting :sigh:.

yep, same here :slight_smile:

i think it’s interesting to see the different techniques out there and expand on what I’ve learned on my own. I wouldn’t consider it stealing at all. I’m sure everyone has looked at flashkit and downloaded different fla samples/effects and expanded on them and improved on them themselves (and messed them up completely for that matter). Wouldn’t consider that cheating or being a poor designer. If the world considered disecting something as cheating we wouldn’t know what we know today.

As for looking at a 100% completed site for learning purposes, I figured there wouldn’t be much resource out there, but thought I’d ask.

Most of the time when I get an Open Source fla, I don’t understand any of it anyway.

Anyone remember comicGeek? Great guy, a member here… great at Flash. He released the full source to his v2 site. You can get it in the lab section of http://www.themindofcomicgeek.ph/

He was great at that stuff :).

I loved his old site =).

How come he’s not on the forums lately?

Read his blog, then you will find your answer :wink: (his blog is the previous link posted, the 3rd entry is the one I was hinting at that will answer your question, if you need anymore hints I will have to shoot you for stupidity)