Fla CS4 Error 1061 question

i’m a newbie with what i think is a simple question but can’t be sure.

i’ve got a button that i want to use to jump to a labeled frame within the timeline. when i click on the button i can’t get my trace statement to work so i know i’m broken right off the bat. the error message i get is:

Error 1061: call to a possibly undefined method addEventListener through a reference with a static type flash.display:SimpleButton

btnDone is the instance of the button on the stage, btn1867 is the frame label i want to jump to once the button is clicked. here’s the code:


btnDone.addEventListner (MouseEvent.CLICK,clickSection);

function clickSection (evtObj:MouseEvent) {
//trace action - what’s happening in output window
trace(“The button 1867 was clicked!”)


Thank you for any help you may provide!