FLA = gold!, SWF = bronze

Greetings, I have a very peculiar issue with some files I have received. It is a dynamic page-flip viewer; it will launch 100% success in Flash CS3; yet when the subsequent SWF is launched outside of Flash CS3 in the Flash Player or a Browser it only displays blank pages (I.E. the engine is there, yet no XML is parsed successfully). I have tried this on various machines and fixed all file permissions to no avail, any comments appreciated

Is it picking up the XML?

xml is being read perfectly when launched in Flash; it is only running into issues when viewed outside of flash in a browser/flash player

You have a link online I can see?


If you use firebug you ban see the page swf are all giving 404 errors.

For example http://www.vitalicdesign.net/nvidia/Page2.swf does not exist. So its not an XML issue.


thanks a million, I was advised to check paths on another forum, tinkered the publish settings (was on a strange absolute-path preset made by the previous developer), 100% works now! i just donwloaded firebug, thanks for the advise

No problem. Firebug helps me fix 90% of my troubleshooting issues.