FLA Transitions

I’m working on a little website that I am using some page transitions. I found a tutorial located here that I edited to make this site. I have attached the original flash kit FLA that I used. I can get it to work the way that it is intended to. I run in to problems adding my own functionality. Basically I’m making a portfolio website. I have a few different buttons; home, projects, ect. I can get those to transition each other but when I want to add another level under say the projects button which has; housing, commercial, ect.

So far this is what I have:

about us
These buttons all correspond with their own respective fla. Those buttons have the following scripts on the buttons:

 home_bt.onRelease = function() {
    trace("home button is working");
    if (_root.currMovie == undefined) {
        _root.currMovie = "home";
    } else if (_root.currMovie != "home") {
        if (container._currentframe>=container.midframe) {
            _root.currMovie = "home";

I have created an empty movie clip in this fla to hold the subsequent fla files. The code plays the first half (intro) of the movie when you click it. Then it plays the last half (outro) of the movie clip when you click on another button when t he finishes it plays the the intro of the new movie clip. Halfway through one of each movie clip I have some more navigation as follows:

I will use projects as an example.

The project file has the following buttons:

little house workshop

This is where I run into the problem. I want to do the same thing as the previous movie. When you click a button, say housing, I want to play the outro of projects and the intro of housing which loads my list of projects. I’m not sure what to do to the code in this fla. I can’t seem to get this to work. I put a trace on the housing button and when I click it it works, but nothing plays.

Like i said before, I am trying to edit a fla that someone else made. I’m not super good with Action script but I’m trying to stumble my way through it.

Sorry this post ramble on so long. Thanks in advance for the help. If someone would like to see the start of what I am doing take a look here. I can email someone my fla files, but they are too big to put up here.

Thanks again,