Flash 5: Aligning text in dynamic text box

I’ve created a scolling text box in Flash 5
I’ve used a dynamic text box for the copy.
I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to justify the text, ie flush left and right.
I’ve been able to align left, right or center, but when i try to justify it it defaults to left align. Is this not suppported in Flash 5?
thanks for any suggestions,

source file:

Hello: nshovelin

Did you attain the procedure for justifying the dynamic text
box. I have the same problem. If you have this procedure
could you please send me a response.

Thank You,

Kevin Smith

I’ve never found out if it’s possible to justify text, I got the same effect by creating a graphic out of jusified text and scrolling the graphic, ok if the text’s not going to change very often.

Here’s a link:

let it load then click on BRIAN BADERMAN.

Hello: nshovelin

Could you send me an example in flash 5 how to do this?



Hi Kevin,
I uploaded FLA and SWF files for this to the following folder:


Feel free to download the FLA file and work from this.
There are four basic components to it;

  1. the up arrow
  2. the down arrow
  3. the movie clip containing the text (the text is an imported graphic)
  4. the movie clip which controls the up action. This is the white circle to the left of the up arrow. double click it to edit so you can see whats in here. this can be placed anywhere on the stage.

Also here’s a link to the tutorial I used to build this:


hope this works for you.

hi neal-
you’ve found one of the limitations of dynamic text–unfortunately, it’s not possible to justify dynamic text, as well as a few other things you can do to static text–it’s the price you pay, i guess…:-\