Flash 5 Beginner needs help badly! Please help me!



can anyone help me, pls?

im doing a proj on quizes using flash 5. The proj is about Drag ‘N’ Drop. For the dragging part, i have already done. i create a button(finished).

however, i couldnt get the feedback message that will appear if the user has not finished up filling the blanks.

this is the actionscript that i wrote in order for the button to work:

if (t==16)
gotoAndPlay(“scene 2”, 1);
on (release) {
t = _root.a+_root.b+_root.c+_root.d+_root.e+_root.f+_root.g+_root.h+_root.i+_root.j+_root.k+_root.l+_root.m+_root.n+_root.o+_root.p;
if (t == 16) {
feedback = “finish”;
gotoAndPlay (“Scene 2”, 1);
} else {
feedback = “Please finish the quiz before ending…”;

Please kindly help me. I really need help badly.

Im not good at actionscript.


Fenz :*(

is ‘feedback’ a dynamic text in your movie? if not, make one using the text tool and selecting Dynamic Text in the options. make sure you give it the variable name “feedback” so flash will know what you’re talking about.

if you did do that, instead of just saying ‘feedback = “sdflkjsdf”’, add “_parent.” to it so it looks like _parent.feedback = “sdflkjsdf”;

I did it… i solved my problems… thanks alot.:stuck_out_tongue: