Flash 5 Environment Bug

When I’m editing my animation, why is it that, if I’m editing a library item, and double-click another library item to edit that, the name of the current scene at the top left disappears, leaving me no means of jumping back to the scene?

It only happens if I go from one library item directly to another. If I first go back to the scene, and then go to (double-click on) the other library item, that doesn’t happen.

Is this a bug that others are also experiencing?

Thank you,
Steve Weber

i’m not sure if this is correct but isn’t there a button at the top right hand corner of the page you can click on to change from different scenes?

Hmmm. The only thing that I know of is the name of the scene that’s on the top LEFT hand corner of the screen, which seems to be okay, until I go directly from one library item to another. As I mentioned, it’s got to be a bug, because I remember seeing, at one time, that a library item’s name appeared to “half” cover the name of the scene (making the overlapping part appear garbled.).


I’ve tried to duplicate your bug, and can’t…

This may be a MM question.


I have that problem too.

There is no real way around it, other than to go to Modify>Scenes, and leave that open. Then you can go to the particular scene you are working on, regardless of how many consecutive library items you are in.