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Hi there, I have a game board and a dice (the dice is a movie clip) all within the same scene. I can get the die clip to pass on a value to the board for the first roll but that is it. (ie, if I roll a 5 the fifth space lights up but if I then roll a 2 the second space lights up instead of the seventh.) I’m at a loss as we have only done basic action script and flash in college. The teacher is at a loss also. My project is due in this week so if any one can help, it would be really great. Also if you would like to view the .fla file, let me know and I can send it to you,

Show me…
Your fla, I mean. And since when do people get Flash at College. That’s so unfair !!

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here’s a very simple way to advance a game piece on a board game style game:

i used motion tweens, but you could use math to move a piece on the board as well.

If I may say so, your teacher suck.

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is that school hiring?

Thank you for your help, it is exactly what I was looking for. Of all the people I know that work or study in this field, not one could give me a straight answer, once again thank you.

By the way, the school is in Ireland. No harm in trying though.
Dorset College
64A/66 Lower Dorset St.,
Dublin 1.

         Thanx again,