Flash 5: Text Scroller

Hi people, im new to this area.

I have been using flash 5, but i am still having troubles with a text scroller : o (

I only found out how to make a text scroller Flash MX which i dont have, but i dont seem to be able to find one for Flash 5, i would really appreciate it if someone tells me how to do it, or direct me to the link where it is located on this site.


Hmm, I don’t have Flash 5, but I found this link on flashkit.com, maybe it can help you out.


when i went to flashkit.com i was even more confused lol until i found you provided the link straight to it, thanks

but its like 13 pages long:-\

:frowning: wanted a more brief one like some i found on this site, but that will have to make do if thats all there is.

thanks anyway mate

Unfotunately Flash 5ers have to build their entire scrollbars from scratch (coding and all), which is why that tutorial is so long.

Where, with MX, all you have to do is drag a premade scrollbar onto your text box and you have a scrolling text box. Simple and easy.

I don’t think you will have much luck in finding a shorter tutorial. And the other one I found is in German.

Ok, thanks mate

how long is the german one??

because if it is shorter then i shall just translate it.

Also if i made one scroller, is it possible for me to copy and paste it everywhere else, but just change the txt format for it to load??


how did you make your little picture at the bottom??

Did you combine Image Scrolling and Pointer Mask??

Nope, the German one isn’t that much shorter.

My footer is made with images in Photoshop that I exported as .png and imported into Flash. Then I just applied mouse follow with inertia. No masking here.

ok, mate

i just learnt how to make a simple scrolling text :slight_smile:

but not like the one on that URL you sent.

where as your logo, i still dont understand lol :S

becasue i dont understand some of the words you used LOL

anyway thanks a lot!!!

hehe, sorry. Basically I drew my pictures in Photoshop and put them in Flash. Then I had the pictures follow the mouse, and slowly slow down as they approach the position.

It is good that you learned how to make the scrolling text:)

thanks alot mate

think ill learn the thing about following the mouse, any advice???


That teaches the basic way on having something follow your mouse.

I used something that more or less looked like

this._x = _xmouse
(this x coordinate position = the x position of your mouse pointer)

ok mate thanks a lot!


No problem, glad I could help!


how come no one else seems to reply???

Hmm, good question. I guess people looked at this post and figured I had everything covered:)

lol guess so :slight_smile:


learnt how to make the things follow the mouse now :slight_smile:

this site is very useful better then others, glad i found this site :smiley:

Haha, I fell in love with this site when I first started flashing and came across it. It is the most helpful one I have found.

lol, see what you mean.

you a moderator???

lol we got like one of the longest thread just by me and you LOL

Yes, I am a moderator.

I have another thread that was longer:) I guess I just like to talk…hahaha.