Flash 7 - Flash 8 - Photo quality issues

I have a movie which loads JPG files dynamically, fetching their paths from a database.

Now, the JPG files are mostly 300 x 450 or 450 x 300 or similar, but in the movie, they have to be resized to fit on the stage. (Also, the movie itself resizes depending on the screen resolution, and the images update accordingly).

The issue is: I’d very much like to move the SWF from version 7 to version 8, in order to take advantage of the superior text handling introduced in Flsh 8 (antialias, letter spacing for dynamic text), but there’s a problem: the photos look terrible. Now, they looked just fine in version 7 of the SWF, after I’d set the “_quality” to “BEST”, but the same trick doesn’t seem to work anymore for Flash 8.

Can anyone think of a reason for this, and how to get around it ? Please