Flash 8, ActionScript 2.0 - swapDepths(for a simple line)

Newbie question here!

I have created a Flash movie with the following attributes:

1 dynamic TextField object.

1 dashed line created with the Line Tool

Both objects were created in Layer 1.

The movie is loaded in a web browser. At runtime, I load a background image in the movie based on a querystring parameter.

At first, the background image would always load on top of the TextField and dashed line. I wanted the background image to be in the…ahem…background, so I did some research and discovered the swapDepths method. I was able to use this method with the TextField object by using a well-known hack mentioned frequently in these forums(TextField.prototype.swapDepths = MovieClip.prototype.swapDepths).

This worked smashingly for the TextField. The background loads BEHIND the TextField. Great.

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to do something similar for the dashed line that I created with the Line tool.

What’s the secret? How do you “get at” the line? Any help would be appreciated!


  • Mikeymac =)