Flash 8 and databases - wondering about this book too

Howdy all :slight_smile:

So Flash 8 is on its way to this office. We had some extra $$ in the budget and even though I only get to use flash for work maybe twice a year my boss okayed the upgrade.

Anyway, bossman really wants me to learn how to connect a flash front end to a database. I have no clue how to do this. My actionscript skills are marginal, and I am not a progammer - only dabbled in ColdFusion, had a 2 day class on python, have used php for a flash guestbook and downloaded that script from a tutorial - didn’t write it myself. Same with integrating an xml file into Flash - I understand all the tutorials but am shaky writing it myself. ASP - dont’ know what it stands for. .NET what? :pa:

Point being - I can look at these things (code) and understand them (sort of) but am not proficient at coding from scratch. SO, I thought I’d get a book. I know there are umpteen tutorials on line but I thought having a book for reference would be handy plus I can get work to pay for it.

I found this one on Amazon:


and it looks pretty decent but my question to all of you is - does it matter that it is aimed at MX2004? Are there differences in Flash 8 in the database connection world that I need to be aware of? Do I need to wait for a Flash 8 database specific book to come out?

Got another suggestion?

Thanks for any help.