Flash 8 Battle - Music visualizations

With all the sweet, creamy new features with Flash 8, I bet we could get some really sweet music visualizations going for jukebox type programs… if there was only a way for someone to export an MP3 file into an already Equalized SWF file… hmm.


I bought this program a long time ago and I’ve been pretty happy with it. Though it tends to give more attention to the bass areas of the song rather than the higher end stuff. Regardless, I’ve created a sample page here:

http://www.bFusion.net/sp/main.htm <-- all the basic info and a simple example.
http://www.bFusion.net/sp <-- you can download all files here

I’d love to know if there is any interest in this, with all the great stuff Flash 8 gives us I’m sure there are some fantastic things we can do with it.

(Also, if the song I provided is too annoying I can find another one :stuck_out_tongue: