Flash 8 Fonts - please help!

Hi there,

I am making an application that contains content that is pulled in from an xml file. Within the xml file I format the text using the limited html tags that flash supports.

I am using 2 fonts within the same dynamic text field which is done using html <font face =“whatever”> formatting. Previously I was using 2 fonts that the users are unlikely to have on thier systems so to combat this I used 2 font symbols that are pulled in from another swf. Everything worked fine.

I encountered a problem with my shared font which was that not all the characters are there. I wanted the Greek pi symbol but nothing appeared. I tried putting this in my html = " [SIZE=2][COLOR=#808080]Π Π Π Π Capital Pi - π π π π Lowercase Pi[/COLOR][/SIZE]" But pi did not appear.

I know my font contains pi because I can use it if the textfield I use it in is set to static.

Because of this I decided that I would change the font to “Arial” because users will have it on thier system. Problem is I can’t get it to work! If my text field is set to a shared font & I try to access a system font using the html tag it just wont find all of it’s characters. If the text field set to Arial already and try to access the shared font using html it simply wont find it!! Can anyone help?

Much appreciated.