Flash 8 - QuickTime Export Settings

Hi, I need some help exporting Quick Time From Flash 8.

Im trying to export Quick Time with flash 8 but I get the following message:

“This version selected in the Flash settings is not supported by Quick-Time. Please set the Flash version in the publish settings to 5 or lower.”

[color=red]But by doing that the effects in Flash 8 vanish![/color]:a:

[color=blue]Does anyone know how to export Flash 8 files to Quick-Time with out changing [/color][color=blue]publish settings to flash 5?

[color=black][/color][/color]The reason I need the flash in Quick-Time is to able to export it in Quick-Time to Flv. files. I need to do this because my flash-movies are far too complex for the swf-player to handle…

[color=blue]Or is there another way to export flash movies into Flv. files other then Avi format?[/color]