Flash 8 Scroll Text with easing using a slider

(the same as on junkerjorg website!)

Does anyone know a good tutorial?

I was following this tutorial quite nicely


untill the end where it is clearly missing a large portion of code so you can pay him to get the files. or am i being stupid?

I need to know how to make my slider move only up and down, at the moment you can move it wher you like, and how t actualy get it to controll the text.

here is the code i have so far, scrollbar5 is the name of my scroller descrip5 is the name of the textfield

many thanks in advance

// variable to store height of textfield after text added

var textheight:Number;

// variables for calculating scrollbar/textfield relationships
// position of scrollbar when at bottom:

var scrollbarbottom:Number = scrollbar5._y + (mask4._height - scrollbar5._height);

// range of scrollbar is from mask._y to scrollbarbottom:
var scrollbarrange:Number = scrollbarbottom - mask4._y;

// Scrolls descrip5 to follow scrollbar
function scrollOnMouseMove() {
this.startDrag(false, this._x, mask4._y, this._x, scrollbarbottom);
this.onMouseMove = function() {
descrip5._y = mask4._y - (textheight - mask4._height) * ((this._y-mask4._y) / scrollbarrange);

function stopScrollOnMouseMove() {
delete this.onMouseMove;

function init() {
descrip5.htmlText = “<b>thisisjustsomesmapletextt”;
// in init function:
descrip5.autoSize = “left”;
// can use same textheight variable calculated for example 4
scrollbar5.onPress = scrollOnMouseMove;
scrollbar5.onRelease = scrollbar5.onReleaseOutside = stopScrollOnMouseMove;