[Flash 8] XML gallery - show current thumbnail

Hey all,

I am having trouble making some additions to the tutorial found here.

I have the XML gallery with the scrolling thumbnails. I would like to make it so that when you click a thumbnail, not only does the new image load, but the thumbnail you’ve just clicked shows that that is the current image you’re viewing. For example, here is what I have:

1 - all thumbnails load at 25% opacity
2 - on rollover, they go to 50% opacity
3 - on rollout, they go back to 25% opacity.

What I want is that when you click one, it goes to 100% and stays there until you click another.

Here’s what I tried:

I made this function

function resetAlpha (){
target_mc.enabled = true;
target_mc.alpha = 25;

then in the onRelease for the thumbnails, I have:

target_mc.onRelease = function() {
this._alpha = 100;
this.enabled = false;
p = this.pictureValue-1;

I thought that by doing this it would reset all the thumbs back to 25% opacity, re-enable all of them, but then disable the one that was just clicked and make it 100% opacity. But what is happening is that none of them are resetting and that when I click them, they all stay 100% and disabled. Is there anyone who can shed some light on this problem? I didn’t post all of the source code because you can see it in the tutorial more clearly. I would really appreciate some help if anyone can offer it.