Flash AC slideshow problems... pls help?!?

Hi everyone.

i need someones help. its a hard one to explain so please bare with me…

Well im doing a flash website for a band i know, so i learnt how to do a flash automated slideshow gallery from “learnflash”. i did the 3 part tutorial and the gallery is working fine… horaayyy.

i now have put the slideshow on the band website (which is an swf). Click on the “gallery page” and there you have it. all the pictures interchange in a 6second interval which is great and the way i coded it.

if you visit another page (ie news page) then go back to the gallery page. you will notice the pictures in the slideshow no longer change at a 6 second interval they change at a random, sometimes even miss a picture of the sequence out.

ive spent a couple of weeks now trying to correct this problem or come up with some viable solution but cant seem to work this one out.

could anyone please help me? i would really appreciate any help.

By the way this is my first (flash) website. so any opinions woul also be good.