(+ Flash actually) What on earth is going on?

Hi there.

I am building a Flash game and I prepare to design a high score table for it. I’ve got a server running. Since this is my first time doing PHP and Flash together, I first designed a form so I just need to input values for different fields in order to create a record on the high score table (as seen in my attached .fla).

The table on my database has the following structure:

player_id: auto_increment (primary key)
player_name: varchar(20)
time_complete: int(4)
resources: int(4)
accuracy: int(3)
combo: int(4)
general: int(4)

Quite straight forward actually.

Next, I use the following php script to process the data when I press “submit” on my form.

 //retrieving data from Flash
 $player = $_POST['player_name'];
 $time = $_POST['time_complete'];
 $resources = $_POST['resources'];
 $accuracy = $_POST['accuracy'];
 $combo = $_POST['combo'];
 $general = $_POST['general'];
 //end retrieving data from Flash
 //connect to database
 $link = mysql_connect("(my server name)","(my user name)","(my password)");
 if (!$link) {
  print "stat=Not connected.";
 } else {
  print "stat=Connected.";
 //end connect to database
 //sending scores to database
 $q_insert = "INSERT INTO score (player_name,time_complete,resources,accuracy,combo,general) VALUES ('$player','$time','$resources','$accuracy','$combo','$general')";
 /*$q_check = "SELECT * FROM score";
 $q_check_result = mysql_query($q_check);
 while($row = mysql_fetch_array($q_check_result)) {
  print "stat=$row['player_name']";
 //end sending scores to database
 //close conection
 //end close connection

The connection is made successfully as displayed by the dynamic text box with the variable name “stat”. The problem is that the data in the new record inserted that way became some rubbish.

player_name: <TEXTFORMAT LEADING= //****
time_complete: 0
resources: 0
accuracy: 0
combo: 0
general: 0

**** it’s really like that. “<TEXTFORMAT LEADING=”. And nothing else.

compared with what I have submitted:

player_name: oi
time_complete: 98
resources: 98
accuracy: 98
combo: 98
general: 98

You’ll all agree that it is quite rubbish.

Anyone knows what on earth is going on? A problem with my table (created with phpmyadmin)? Or something wrong with my server? or as simple as some silly mistakes in my script?

Thanks in advance.