Flash and DMX submenu

Please help.
As you can see, the submenu on the left is behind the Flash animation on the right. How do I make the submenu on top of the Flash animation. Thank you very much in advance.


search the forums, this has been asked many times.

make sure that the animation is on a lower layer than your menu/submenu.


jjmaster- your link doesn’t work.
toby- I think by DMX he means Dreamweaver MX (not the rapper). And he wants the DM menu to be over the Flash.

jjmaster - sorry, i looked at your source code on your page and realized that your menu is not set up within the flash file. I am not familiar with Dreamweaver.

Hopefully somebody will come through that can actually help you.

Norie - extremely helpful posts, both of them. Keep increasing that post count :whistle:


toby, like i said, this has been asked many times in the forums:


you think im after getting posts? No comment on that. :x