Flash and Frames offline

When I tell flash to open a page in my main frame it does it fine online, however whenever I view it offline, it does not open the linked content within the main frame, instead it opens a NEW browser window. I need it to work offline as well. Perhaps I need a new piece of code, or perhaps that is a con of using frames with flash, I do not know. Has anyone else ever had such a problem?

The swf runs in the leftFrame while the content loads into the mainFrame

I followed the kirupa tutorial and I linked it to my mainframe. the names and ids are correct, I would assume since it works online.

[buttonname].onRelease = function (){
getURL( [site], “mainFrame”)

I still cant acces the image, it keeps telling me i have no permission to… either way from looking real close at the thumbnail, i think i can say i did that, but it still does not work, so thank you but most likley i’m out of luck