Flash and HTML - background


I’ve got myself a bit of a flash problem and hoping there is an easy solution. Basically I have a flash file that is in a certain constraints/resolution of 900x550. What I want to be able to do is at all times have the flash site be in the 900x550 size and I don’t want it to be stretched, I want to keep it’s size I’ve made the animations in flash.

The problem is that I want to have the extended background thats left, right, top and bottom of my page to show in the html as well. This is drawn on the outside of the resolution file of flash.

I realise that the easy solution would be to create the background as an image file in HTML or something like that. However there is one link in my flash where the background will fade away and go white to display a page, therefore I can’t have the background always the same, it must remain as a flash file.

Really hope you can help me with this problem,
thanks in advance!