Flash And Html

Hi every one I wanted to ask this little thingi

can you specify a frame name in an html hyper link to go to that frame in the swf file when clicked

If the page is flash based answer yes. As from a html make a link to a (frame number) ! Dont think so! Can link to the swf not a problem if that what you want to know.!!

<A href=“http://www.hegothicangel .com/blah.sfw”>BLAHBLAH</A>

Regards Barrie

thanks well I was thinking of a flash based slide show so when I click the HTML it takes to the respective fram no


For future reference, try to post a topic only once, in one section. Many of the people helping don’t only look in one section we usually browse through all of them, so you question will get answer, usually.

I just recently had to build a site for a client where the html and flash had to be in constant contact with one another (for icons and whatnot) I tried the macromedia site for getting things to work, but alas did not fully understand the hows and whys…I found this site which is better for explaining things: