Flash AND php variables on the one page

Hi All,

I’ve designed a timesheet system using php and mysql. The part where you enter times is currently a dropdown thing, but feedback says users want an easier way to enter times, so now I have a timeline swf that you click and drag over the time you want to enter, much like the timeline in Flash.

I have no trouble sending the data from Flash to php or sending the html form data to the php action page. But I can’t seem to do BOTH.

The submit button on the form will send the form data only - no Flash data. Having a submit button in the swf sends the Flash data but not the form data.

I can’t do it all in the html form for obvious reasons (there would be no interactive timeline) and I can’t do it all in flash because there are some dropdown / list-menus that load data from a mysql table. I also need the date to be pre-selected in dropdown / list-menus.

The form stuff is easy - how do I get both the form AND Flash to send to the same action page simultaneously?