Flash and the new Youtube API

Hi there

I wonder if some kind soul could help me please.

I’ve been using the old AS3 code for bringing in youtube content via their chromeless player. Unfortunately for me, as of about a week ago, videos no longer pull in. Seems like youtube have depreciated the AS3 code.

I can’t make head nor tail of their new API stuff.

Here is my old code in a flash file - all I have changed so far is line 14 URL within the video actions layer on frame 180.

new iframe test.fla (1.7 MB)

If anyone could help, I’d be ever so grateful.

Hi Koit,

There’s some bad news. Youtube won’t work for you anymore.Their “chromeless” version is really an iFrame with a video inside of it. Their code determines if that iFrame has an HTML5 element or if the iFrame embeds a Flash Player. You can’t get the video source and pull it into your FLA.

What I’d do is download/convert/whatever the youtube videos (http://savevideo.me/) and convert them to FLV (http://video.online-convert.com/convert-to-flv). Assuming you’ve got a web server where your site is going, I’d make a folder and upload the FLV files you’ve created to your server.

After that you won’t be using Youtube anymore. You’ll be hosting the files yourself. That means you need to change the code in your file. Here is a description of how it works http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/articles/flvplayback_programming.html

Acceptance is your best route. You’ll need to work through this challenge. Flash is not a web design tool anymore.

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Hi Shielded

Thanks for taking the time to respond and with a very nice, easy to understand reply too.

Much appreciated.

Back to web hosted FLV’s it is then :slight_smile: