Flash animation

I am a student and have a project due next week in flash. I have to make a animated movie. Somehow it scares me too much that i cannot come up with anything. I cannot draw good. Could someone give me some idea where should I start? :cyclops:

I know the feeling :frowning: I can’t draw or animate in Flash for anything… so AS effects are the thing for me :beam:

But since you have to create an animation I am going to say you don’t have to create elaborate drawings.

Even simple line tweening and text effects can add to an animation.

Every little thing adds something to a movie… As long as you have your focal point stand out more than the others.

I am not making any sense am I?

Well if we take Lost’s idea about lines, you could try something simple with stickmen. They don’t need much in the way of artistic skill, just draw the individualcomponents like arms, legs, head and body in various different poses. You’ll end up with about 5 legs, 5 arms and a couple of body shapes.

Make a new movie clip for each stickman, with each body part on a separate layer, then use simple motion tweens to move the parts and change them where need be.

um… actionscripted movement is still an animation LOB. :slight_smile: Tweening is not necessary.

I guess my questions to the poster would be this: Is this project for a “Flash” class, or an animation class? Is the project supposed to be done with tweens or can you do stuff with a/s movement as well?

and lastely, what do you like? ie, what in life interests YOU as a person. It can be anything at all, but remember that we always will make a better final product if we are interested in what we’re working on.

Actionscripted Movement is technically animation… but it isn’t an animated movie… so it wouldn’t work in his case.

At least to me it isn’t considered an animated movie. By animated movie I think of something like a site intro.