Flash Animator/Developer - Austin, TX

[LEFT]<dl><dd class=“title_and_description”> Interactive Flash Developer/Animator (Full-Time)

Interactive Flash Developer/Animator (Full-Time) Description:
Simply Interactive is looking for a full time interactive developer/animator with strong creative, conceptualization, and animation skills. Our ideal candidate would be motivated for success and looking for opportunities to work with a highly creative team to develop cutting-edge interactive web experiences that push existing brands to their limits.

What we are looking for:
[] At least 3 years experience designing for the web
] Flash animation skills
[] Ability to write AS2 / XML / HTML / CSS
] Ability to create original, inspiring animations that push the limits of creativity
[] Motivated, self-driven individual that does not have to be micromanaged
] Excellent communication skills
[] Ability to work well with a creative team
] Extensive Knowledge of Adobe Create Suite
[] Ability to make technical changes on the fly to XML, Flash, and Creative
] 3+ years experience as a web designer/interface designer
[] Extensive knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite
] Enjoys Wakeboarding/Creative Sessions on company boat[/LIST] Requirements:
[] Portfolio available to review
] Ability to work on multiple projects at once
[] Interactive Agency Experience
] Understanding of design theories
[*] Development knowledge (Flash, XML, AS 2, CSS, HTML)[/LIST] Simply Interactive is an award-winning creative agency that prides itself on delivering interactive marketing services to clients ranging from web 2.0 start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Our high-concept solutions are based on conginitve learning models developed my our internationally recognized Chief Learning Officer. Simply Interactive is tucked away in the mini Silicon Valley that is Austin, Texas. Many tech giants such as AMD, Dell, Samsung, Silicon Labs, Trilogy, Vignette are based here. In addition to the large tech community, Austin is the live music capital of the world holding world-class music/interactive/film festivals such as Austin City Limits (ACL) and SXSW. Austin also offers one of the top-rated nightlifes in the US and has many lakes, parks, and rivers that run throughout the city. Simply Interactive is willing to relocate our team to this awesome place.
Please apply only if you meet the requirements above and want to develop award-winning designs for international brands while being a part of a kick *** creative team located in the live music capital of the world.
</dd><dd class=“to_apply”> <dl><dt>To Apply: </dt><dd>To apply, send your resume to <script type=“text/javascript”>krop.util.write_email(‘[email protected]’,‘XMTZEoyDVIB8Kp9Wnz4UGPN0Yue6wbscC3Rm5irh2AqLF7a1xSvfdtOJHkQjlg’);</script>[email protected]</dd></dl></dd></dl>[/LEFT]