Flash AS3.0 and MSN messenger


I’ve been busy to find out about the MSN messenger protocol, and how to use it with flash, and I’ve succeeded in a way.

If you like to see the current result, you can download it here, there also is a little explanaition on how to get it running, and there is a sample Client included.

Now there is a little problem. In the developer sandbox (in Flash itself) I can connect to a messenger (socket) server (for example messenger.hotmail.com), but when I run the swf outside flash, I get a security error.

But I may connect to a (socket) server witch runs on the same domain as the swf file. So I’ve created a php script witch (kind of) forwards all given commands to the given messenger server, and returns all the responses from that server. So far so good, but the php script isn’t working properly… so now is my question: Can anyone help me to improve the script to ‘forward’ the socket connection.

If someone knows another (less complex) solution, please let me know.

All files and explanaition can be found on my weblog.

Many Thanks
Andre de Groot