Flash - ASP Problem!

Hello, I have developed a flash form that should link with an ASP file. I have programed bought the Flash File and the ASP file (and are also attached in the message) but for some reason they are not connecting with each other!!

I tried to test it bought on my local server and also on my school server but still it did not want to work!! However I am sure that the ASP code works fne, since i tried accessing it from a normal html file, and it worked fine!!

To connect to the ASP file from flash I am using a button and the button code is as follows:

[color=navy]loadVariablesNum[/color]([color=blue]"NewsByEmail.asp"[/color], [color=blue]""[/color], [color=blue]"POST"[/color]);

Instead of POST I tried using the KeyWord GET but it still did not want to work! I can’t understand what I have wrong coz everything seems to be in place!, and I checked it with some tutorials on the web as well! I don’t know whether I am missing something! Like: do I have to tell the movie itself that I am going to access the asp file??

I hope some one knows the solution for my problem, coz I have been working on trying to solve the problem for over the last three hours, and havent found a solution