Flash based Blog- php, mysql building dynamic link?

I’ve been working through putting together a simple flash based blog using php and mysql using Flash MX 2004. It’s based on the following tutorial:

The actionscript has no problem pulling the blog text from the database, but for some reason I’m not pulling the date fields and title feeds for viewing. Likewise this info is to be pulled to build dynamic links to previous articles. I am at a loss as why this is the case.

Here is the chunk of AS in question:

if (t == undefined) {
[color=Red]n.htmlText += “<b>”+this[“title”+e]+" - “+this[“date”+e]+”</b><br><br>";[/color]
n.htmlText += this[“entry”+e];
} else {
//cycle through and show all entries
for (i=0; i<this.n; i++) {
[color=Red]n.txt.htmlText += “<u><a href='asfunction:_root.loadArc,”+this[“id”+i]+"’>"+this[“title”+i]+" - “+this[“date”+i]+”</a></u><br>";[/color]

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.