Flash Button Links in Frames

I recently made a Menu with flash and I want to put it in my left frame of my three frame page, it has a Top a left and the main page to the right, how do I do this?

What you have to do is you must use the getUrl action. Here is the code:
getURL(“main.html”, “top”);
Where the window menu part of the getURL action is type the name of your frame and it will automaically load whatever you want into that frame, in this case “top” is the name of my frame change it to accompany your frame name.

Hope this helps.


Where do I find the name of my frame?

Trying checking your source code, but whenever you create frames it you name them, depending on the program it should have save each frame as a different html file. Your frame names should be in your main page source code look there.
Hope this helps