Flash buttons and frames

Otay, here’s the deal. Im a newb to flash so, I am sure I am missing something very simple here, but I have tried all I can.

I have a frameset with two panes. 1) a top frame (called topFrame) which is the header, where the flash banner will reside. 2) and a main frame (called mainFrame) where the different pages will appear. What I am trying to accomplish is when a user clicks on a button on the header page (or flash banner) the corresponding page will appear in mainFrame window. pretty simple, huh!

The Issue:
I really do not have a problem with the flash section since all my animations are working fine. The issue is really with the buttons that i am using. Or possibly the actionscript. The buttons I am using are symbols, which I gave unique instance names for clarity (and sanity). Now on the first frame of the buttons, I have placed the following code:

on(Release) {
getURL(“page.htm”, “mainFrame”);

The flash has been published and placed in the header section of my frameset. All the animation works perfectly fine, however when I click any of my buttons, none of the pages appear in the mainFrame pane. It seems as if the buttons are not responding to my clicks. I know it’s not a path issue, since my pages, swf, images are all included in one directory.

I have crossed ref. the actionscript syntax for MX 2004 and it seems to be correct, but I guess im missing something.

Your help and expertise are greatly appreciated.


:: msb ::