Flash calendar

i am having a project to do and it required me to include a calendar in flash .

Is there any tutorials out there on making a flash calendar ?

i will really appreciate it
thank in advance.

I’ve never done it myself so I can’t give precise details here, but isn’t there a Calendar component in Flash MX? In which case it should be a simple matter of dragging it onto your Timeline and editing it as need be.

oh… isit? guess i havent really notice what goes on my flash component … thanks =)

here’s a calendar that is pretty simple.

just in case the component doesn’t work for you.

hey thank a lot ! by the way you have a very nice site! =):slight_smile:

bump. (I need to look at this tomarrow. :stuck_out_tongue: )

How about downloading the 2nd set of component in flash, there is a cool calender. :goatee:

macromedia.com Exchange :slight_smile: