Flash cant duplicate a created MC w/ image loaded into it?

is it not possible to duplicate a created movieclip with a jpg loaded into it?

can u elaborate more on what u want to do? I suspect you could.

when u use…
_root.createEmptyMovieClip( yada yada );

then can u go duplicateMovieClip( yada yada );

no right? b/c im having a reaaaal hard time w/it…

yeah, I do it all the time. Is the image loaded dynamically?

i have written the script from the top of my head and I cant test it out now.

/* _root.movieloader._width = 200;
_root.movieloader._height = 200;*/
_root.movieloader._x = 228;
_root.movieloader._y = 150;
_root.movieloader._alpha = 100;


It should work. Give it a try. If not then perhaps the some script expert out here can help!

I don’t think the loaded image will transfer over to the new clip… I think you’ll need to call the jpg file into the new MC for it tow ork correctly, but don’t quote me on that…

if what jubba says is right, then you might need to add one last line:

That should do the trick.

Let me know if it worked.