Flash Chat-Room

I’m not even going to pretend I can do this. It’s out of my league currently. But I’m still after one. Does anyone know of a Flash chatroom, that also allows people to see if anyone is in it before they log in?


www.friendsofed.com >Advanced Php for Flash > Code:

there’s one in these downloads, works on Flash, PHP and mySql, the book will/should be out this month, if you wanna see an example:
www.flasheyez.com/board/ click on the “live chat” below the forum…but i guess you’ll be quite lonely in there a.t.m…

Hey Eyez,
Do I need the 1st book if I want to buy the second?

Of course, the second is called “advanced”, and you’re a bloody beginner, LOL
Bien sur que non, t’as deja des bases en PHP, non?

Bah ouais, mais je me disais, au cas où il y aurait des secrets révélés…
Sinon, t’as pas une bonne source pour me mettre au XML? Je suis un peu à la rue, là. Et il faut vraiment qu’on arrête de parler français…:stuck_out_tongue:

pom :asian:

ahhhhh!!! attack of the french agian…gets out translator
lol :):rambo: :pirate: :bandit: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. (short but sweet)

@ Aaron: let’s keep it that way: You’re welcome.

@Beezer: get a French girlfriend to teach ya some…well, french…lol

lol ok :elderly: :cool: :evil: :bandit: :beard: :cyclops: