Flash Chemistry Animation


I am learning Flash 5, and need to animate a Chemistry phenomenon called Vesicular Transport. Instead of using a straight line, I need a kinduv grass like line which animates. Imagine a porcupine skin expanding/ detaching itself etc. Is there any way of doing that in flash? I am a complete novice and would appreicate it if you could explain in minute details.


Well, if you can explain in minute details, maybe…

pom 0]

I don’t understand. Darn English language !!

Imagine a sphere or an oval. now the boundary of that oval is not a plain line but a textured line like the skin of a porcupine. This oval during the course of the animation, expands, contracts and then parte of the oval detach themselves from it & then reattach. This is possible using a plain line, but I was wondering if it is possible using a texturred boundary.