Flash code transfer NOT WORKING! Please Help ASAP! PLEASE LOOK!

Hello, I made a flash movie with some links and I published a preview. I copied the HTML from the source code of the preview page and put it in the page I want it in but it didn’t work.

If you could download the files from http://www.4gigs.com/~zach/flash.exe or download the attatched file and try to fix it.

If you succeed or can help me. IM me at
MSN: [email protected]
AIM: ZachHale
ICQ: 160885308
or email me at [email protected].

Thanks a TON!

Sorry, Here is the attatchment

Delete this code from the top of your HTML document:

<base href=“http://www.4gigs.com/~zach/”>

It’s not a meta tag, so I don’t know why it’s there…it’s making the page hang at the top though, so that it never gets around to reading the .swf in the body.

It’s like an endless loop…