Flash Coder/ web designer

Hi everyone

I am sankar, a flash addicted passionate programmer specialised in Flash Action script, having very good intense programming as a flash programmer. I am doing my career as a freelance flash coder and web designer

    Skill sets related with flash,       
-> Web designing HTML, CSS2     
-> Flash with XML related applications. 
  -> Flash oops based programming as2.   
-> Flash remoting with AMFPHP.      
-> Web programming PHP with MySQL.   
-> Interface designing with corelDraw, PhotoShop.   
-> Flash based game programming.    
-> Flash intros   
-> Flash banners     
-> Flash Template modifications       
-> Web design with Dreamweaver  

Kindly have a look at my portfolio: http://www.sanspace.mobstop.com

For the flash site sample u can have a look at the link
Contact ID: [email protected]
My MSN ID: [email protected]
Yahoo ID: [email protected]
Google ID: [email protected]

Best regards,