Flash communications server

Anyone have any exp with this? In playing with my php/flash chatroom I having my system compatible with this would be usefull ( and cheaper for some people ) and just wanted some input.

I’ve created a tic-tac-toe game with a chat application using the FlashCom server. I don’t know exactly what kind of input you’re looking for, but I can tell you that the documentation was comprehensive enough for me to learn the API from (language documentation and many neat example apps), and the performance was pretty good too. The only one thing I dislike is that it’s blocked behind proxy servers. There are work arounds for that, but i did not have access to any of them anyway.

Good luck :slight_smile:

In the tic-tac-toe was everything communicated in XML?.. Does it run on a sepcific port?..

XML in flash is such a pain