Flash Cookies


I checked out the flash cookies tutorial here, as well as some of the info at macromedia.com. My initial testing in IE6 found that I, from a user perspective, could not erase a flash cookie I encountered once I hit it–that it persisted even if I erased offline content, history etc. in IE Internet Options.

I think it’s cool for a flash mx movie to be able to persist beyond its life inside a page, however the inability to wipe the cookie at will is a flaw in my mind.

Does anyone have insight or know of a workaround?


You can erase those “flash cookies” called shared objects, it’s just that they are not stored in the browsers cache (internet temp files), but instead, if i remember well, in the same folder as your flash player exe.
Just do a search on your system for *.sol files (any file with the sol extension, which is flash cookie) and you should find them.